Some publicity

Well, there I am now in black and white (and green!) in the hallowed pages of Beijing City Weekend (and the digital equivalent!). And it’s not every day that somebody is quoted as one of Beijing’s brightest expats (scroll to … Continue reading

Canada’s election – no real debate needed

Canada is diving into an election, our celebration of western democracy.  The problem is that democracy itself is under fierce attack, from established parties who want to keep dusting off their old ideas (and stay in power that way), and … Continue reading

Beijing Olympic air quality – hoping for the best!

Well, this morning was not exactly the poster child for beautiful weather in Beijing.  Hot, humid, and according to the Ministry of Environment – kinda polluted.  Enviro-blogger Vance has been running a blog on Beijing air quality running up to … Continue reading

Torch relay got the Olympic feelings going!

Well, i was on my way to work yesterday morning, when I came up to a big mob of people and police on the road.  My way was blocked, so I didn’t have much to do other than find out … Continue reading