United Nations Publishes iCET’s Electric Vehicles in China Analysis

The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development has published a report by iCET (and me as the lead author!), entitled “ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN THE CONTEXT OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN CHINA.“  This paper, which will serve as background information for the … Continue reading

It’s the feedstock, silly

Say what you want about Chinese biofuels – not enough subsidy, not allowing imports, high carbon emissions, low-tech.  The facts are in: it doesn’t matter what the government does, if you can’t find sustainable feedstock, you can’t make sustainable biofuel! … Continue reading

L1nked In Bl0cked in Ch1na – watch what you write

Well, yesterday it appeared that L1inked in has been bl0cked in Ch1na.  It’s a real pity.  China is sealing itself away from the world again.  On these Chinese s0cial networks, Chinese people don’t interact with non-Chinese, and non-Chinese don’t interact … Continue reading

Beijing Hukou (or foreign passport!) required to buy Apartment in Beijing

It’s official — the hukou system is back with a vengance. Authorities in about 10 cities, including Shanghai and Guangzhou, will prohibit locally registered citizens who already own two or more homes, or those without a local residence permit, or … Continue reading