Where does Beijing’s real time traffic info come from?

In response to the results recent Beijing Energy Network – Environmental Challenge Open competition, which is is summarized by event judge, Kunal Sinha (Ogilvy & Mather) here, I thought I would just make a few comments on where real-time traffic … Continue reading

Guo Mao Land Planning: No e-tower in this plan! And…what up, Baidu?

Today I was walking through Tower 3 of China World (Guo Mao T3), and noticed a scale model of Guo Mao and the surrounding area in the lobby.  I snapped a picture: Sorry it is kind of dark, my phone’s … Continue reading

iCET Launches its Green Car Sina Microblog

Sina Microblog, otherwise known as weibo, is the hottest thing in China.  What is Weibo?  It’s basically a copy of Twitter, but just like many Chinese products copied from the west, it is newer and improved.  Sina Weibo already has … Continue reading

Calgary Shindig in Beijing – Mayor Nenshi on the Scene

Last week, Calgary Mayor Nenshi was in Beijing to drum up support for Calgarian companies in China.   Given all the controversy about the Airport Tunnel, the Mayor had to show up in Beijing late…but just in time for his visit … Continue reading

Rail in Winnipeg: Sign of the Times

In today’s Globe and Mail, Siri Agrell wrote on the rail renaissance taking place in Winnipeg. The premise of the article is something that should ring true for every transportation planner around the world: with the long-term decline of oil … Continue reading