Transformers taking China

The battle of Autobots vs. Decepticons is heating up in Beijing.  As witnessed on cars of every brand and class, Chinese drivers are loving the Transformers decals — and making their allegiances known.  Not a day goes by now that … Continue reading

Electric Car in the Beijing Wild — Caught on Camera!

Outside of car shows and research labs, I never see electric cars on Beijing’s roads.  Well, that all changed one fateful evening in July (sorry it’s taken time to get this online).  There it was, parked outside Ritan Park along … Continue reading

Civilized Chaoyang Traffic Control – Manual style

It has been a while since I updated the blog, and I think I’ll start an update with some supergreat news.  In preparation for the October 1 “National Holiday”, Chaoyang District has been under strict inspections and shaping up. That … Continue reading

Beijing Energy and Environment Roundtable Slides

I gave a presentation on policy options for low carbon transportation (energy and vehicles) at the Beijing Energy Network / Beijing Energy and Environment Roundtable last night (June 29, 2011).  Many thanks to all who attended and asked such great … Continue reading