Lifecycle GHG emissions of various sources of crude – Alberta

A new study commissioned by the Alberta (Canada) government demonstrates that lifecycle GHG emissions of different sources of crude oil are different, and that China (and all countries) need to take note of this in their transport sector emission calculations. … Continue reading

It’s no wonder the Chinese aren’t interested…

Cooperation in the oil sands is grinding to a halt, and it is going to have a big effect on the ability of government to get work done in the region.   In the past few days, the Cumulative Environmental … Continue reading

Imperial Oil Defends Oil Sands Development

Well, it’s offical.  Oil sands are going to save the planet, bringing much needed prosperity to all. The Calgary Herald reported today that Imperial Oil (whose parent company, Exxon, is one of the biggest corporate “climate change disblievers” out there) has demonstrated how good and selfless they are in developing the oil sands – for the sake … Continue reading