Blogspot blocked in China

Well, now I don’t feel nearly so lonely out here in blogland — it seems that any website on has been blocked in China. This blockage is causing huge problems for bloggers inside China – particularly some of the … Continue reading

China’s recycling market losing steam – Calgary begins blue box service

The recycling market in China has collapsed, meaning that your recyclables don’t have anywhere to go anymore. Turns out recycling isn’t that great – and reduction of trash is going to have to be the way to go.

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California “Green Index” Report released – Only Energy Can be Green?

I know I’ve been negligent in my China-Canada relationship posts – or any posts at all, but I received a copy of the California Green Innovation Index report from a colleague today, and after looking at it, I thought – … Continue reading

Time to update the blog

This blog has been blocked in China, to my great frustration, for quite a long time, so I have decided to remove the Chinese language posts.  I hope this will remedy the situation and get my blog online here. This … Continue reading

Canada-China Energy and Environment Forum – begins tomorrow

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the China-Canada Energy and Environment Forum, which will be held at the Kerry Center in Beijing. The Agenda, organized primarily, I gather, by the University of Alberta China Institute, covers the afternoon of Nov. … Continue reading