Canada and waste gasification – what can Canada do in China?

Today’s Globe and Mail contains a great article entitled GARBAGE IN / ENERGY OUT which focuses on technologies being developed and implemented by Canadian companies for converting municipal trash into carbon sources for energy production. Where in the past, waste-to-energy meant … Continue reading

Don’t want to fly Air China again

I don’t really like to complain, and I know it doesn’t make a huge difference posting on my personal blog, but I need to remind myself not to fly Air China. I recently took the direct flight from Beijing to … Continue reading

China’s national security laws getting in the way of development?

China went headlong into globalization after Deng Xiaoping’s speech in 1978, and has been one of the major builders and beneficiaries of globalization since that time.  However, there is a somewhat strange relic of the old, paranoid approach to the … Continue reading