Jatropha-based Biodiesel – Worth Avoiding For Now

“It does grow on marginal land, but if you use marginal land you’ll get marginal yields,” Jatropha has been hailed as some sort of wonder crop that produces bountiful oil on lands that are unusable for agriculture or living.  Yet … Continue reading

Lifecycle GHG emissions of various sources of crude – Alberta

A new study commissioned by the Alberta (Canada) government demonstrates that lifecycle GHG emissions of different sources of crude oil are different, and that China (and all countries) need to take note of this in their transport sector emission calculations. … Continue reading

CCS and Biofuel tech development no April fool’s joke. China needs it, Canada should supply.

I recently read a comment on a blog by David J. Parker, whose name was linked to the Green Party website, and I see he has a blog on the Green Party site, so I assume he has some policy … Continue reading

Lester R. Brown Comes to Beijing

Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute came to Beijing to lecture us on how the world is going to come to an end. If he keeps it up like this in China, it just might. Chinese people don’t have elected officals to call, and they don’t respond well to doom and gloom. Western visionaries need to to better than that in China.

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Europe – tell China to cut their GHGs ok?

Yesterday the Globe and Mail reported that Stephen Harper will be meeting with European leaders both in large meetings and privately to convince them to pressure China and India to “level the playing field” of development and climate change. 1. … Continue reading