Beijing Hukou (or foreign passport!) required to buy Apartment in Beijing

It’s official — the hukou system is back with a vengance. Authorities in about 10 cities, including Shanghai and Guangzhou, will prohibit locally registered citizens who already own two or more homes, or those without a local residence permit, or … Continue reading

Global Fuel Economy Policy Review

iCET recently published a report entitled “Global overview on fuel efficiency and motor vehicle emission standards: Policy options and perspectives for international cooperation”for the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development.  The report describes the fuel economy policies of 9 countries … Continue reading

Jatropha-based Biodiesel – Worth Avoiding For Now

“It does grow on marginal land, but if you use marginal land you’ll get marginal yields,” Jatropha has been hailed as some sort of wonder crop that produces bountiful oil on lands that are unusable for agriculture or living.  Yet … Continue reading

Layperson’s explanation on importance of corn

Today’s Globe & Mail ran an article on the importance of corn in the global food system.  This is of great interest for me because the price of corn plays a heavy role in the debate on biofuels as it … Continue reading