Rail in Winnipeg: Sign of the Times

In today’s Globe and Mail, Siri Agrell wrote on the rail renaissance taking place in Winnipeg. The premise of the article is something that should ring true for every transportation planner around the world: with the long-term decline of oil … Continue reading

United Nations Publishes iCET’s Electric Vehicles in China Analysis

The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development has published a report by iCET (and me as the lead author!), entitled “ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN THE CONTEXT OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN CHINA.“  This paper, which will serve as background information for the … Continue reading

It’s the feedstock, silly

Say what you want about Chinese biofuels – not enough subsidy, not allowing imports, high carbon emissions, low-tech.  The facts are in: it doesn’t matter what the government does, if you can’t find sustainable feedstock, you can’t make sustainable biofuel! … Continue reading

L1nked In Bl0cked in Ch1na – watch what you write

Well, yesterday it appeared that L1inked in has been bl0cked in Ch1na.  It’s a real pity.  China is sealing itself away from the world again.  On these Chinese s0cial networks, Chinese people don’t interact with non-Chinese, and non-Chinese don’t interact … Continue reading