It’s no wonder the Chinese aren’t interested…

Cooperation in the oil sands is grinding to a halt, and it is going to have a big effect on the ability of government to get work done in the region.   In the past few days, the Cumulative Environmental … Continue reading

Steve, maybe you SHOULD have gone to Beijing’s party

Well, the Olympics are shaping up to be A-OK for Canadian athletes, but something tells me they aren’t quite shaping up quite as well for Canada in China.  This afternoon, the Globe and Mail reported here that former Prime Minister, … Continue reading

Olympics: For Peace, or for Safety?

Since I live really close to Yong He Gong (the Lama temple in Beijing), I went to go watch the men’s cycling road race on Saturday, and it was kinda frustrating to be cheering by the side of the road. … Continue reading

Beijing Olympic air quality – hoping for the best!

Well, this morning was not exactly the poster child for beautiful weather in Beijing.  Hot, humid, and according to the Ministry of Environment – kinda polluted.  Enviro-blogger Vance has been running a blog on Beijing air quality running up to … Continue reading

Torch relay got the Olympic feelings going!

Well, i was on my way to work yesterday morning, when I came up to a big mob of people and police on the road.  My way was blocked, so I didn’t have much to do other than find out … Continue reading