E-bike safety: Complicated Issue for Beijing

Also posted in my Linkedin account I was recently quoted in a New York Times article about road safety and e-bikes in Beijing. In fact, it’s a controversial question. E-bikes are key to China’s e-commerce revolution. Fresh meals arrive in … Continue reading

Trends in International Aviation Emissions: Discussion for the German Chamber of Commerce

I delivered a short discussion on trends in international aviation emissions for the German Chamber of Commerce on April 6. Emissions are increasing, even as airplane technology improves. The international aviation industry has optimistic targets, but aviation growth, especially in … Continue reading

I wish I were a Range Rover: The Land Wind

While cycling up around the Olympic Stadium last week, I came across a real gem: The Land Wind X7 – 陆风X7.  Is it a magical cross between a BMW X-series and a Range Rover?    The X7, fitted with a 2 … Continue reading

Specific Measures to Reduce Transport Emissions in China

Note: I wrote this paper during my time at Clean Air Asia for the EU-China Environmental Governance Program, where I made a presentation on some options for reducing air pollution from the transport sector to contribute to the background understanding … Continue reading

EV Growth: Challenges and Opportunities

This article was published simultaneously on sinograduate.com,a website promoting education in and about China, providing an interface to learn more, and be more involved and collaborative on China. Since China entered the WTO in 2001, the automotive industry has grown exponentially. … Continue reading