Electric Car in the Beijing Wild — Caught on Camera!

Outside of car shows and research labs, I never see electric cars on Beijing’s roads.  Well, that all changed one fateful evening in July (sorry it’s taken time to get this online).  There it was, parked outside Ritan Park along Beijing’s Guanghua Road.

Beijing Car in the Beijing Wild

A teeny-tiny EV parked outside Ritan Park, July 2011

As you can see from this picture, this is not a big normal-sized car, this must be one of those low-speed EVs that we are hearing about.  I don’t recognize the brand — looks like it’s a little manufacturer from Hebei called Wanlian-Dawo.  This little puppy goes 30 km/h with a range of 80-150 km with 3 kW of power. It seems this company has no certification for producing cars, so…I guess this is not a car, but two electric bikes duct-taped together with a shell on top.  It also has no license plate.

I’m afraid its range is not far enough, however — the next day, I rode past this same place, and the car was still there.  Either the driver was drunk when he/she left Maggies and took a taxi home, or this little car ran out of power and had to be towed to a charging location.

These are the risks of driving an EV!

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