Guo Mao Land Planning: No e-tower in this plan! And…what up, Baidu?

Today I was walking through Tower 3 of China World (Guo Mao T3), and noticed a scale model of Guo Mao and the surrounding area in the lobby.  I snapped a picture:

Guo Mao Scale Model

Guo Mao Scale Model...minus one building...hmmm

Sorry it is kind of dark, my phone’s camera is not great.  Anyway, I was looking at the model…Guo Mao T1, check.  Guo Mao T2, Check.  China World Hotel, Check. Kerry Center, Check.  Kerry Center Hotel…Check.  What’s missing?  What’s missing?  Oh Dear, it’s the E-tower!  My office building doesn’t exist in Guo Mao’s vision…Is this a picture of things to come?  Are the rumours of no more E-tower within 6 months possibly true?  It was an awfully luscious-looking, green parking long in E-tower’s place…

Anyway, just for fun, I decided to look on Biadu and Google Maps to see what they had on the topic, and found some really interesting results.

First, Baidu is 3 years out of date on its 3D map of Beijing’s CBD.  What the heck?  The little old that was torn down in the first few weeks I was at iCET is still in the picture.  Guo Mao T3 is nowhere to be seen, and there is a giant construction site around the e-Tower (which is in the picture!  yay!)  What up, Baidu?

Second: Google is up to date.  T3 and e-tower are all there.

Guo Mao's model of itself, Baidu's 3D map (ancient) and Google's satellite image of Guo Mao

Conclusions / Observations:

  1. What the heck is Guo Mao Planning for this area?  Why was that guy coming around to all the units in e-tower a few months ago offering to buy?  Is the E-tower going to be here still in a year?
  2. Baidu…honestly, why do you have a 3 year-old 3D map of Beijing’s CBD?  Is it that hard to keep up on Beijing’s highest-profile commercial district?
  3. Google — should be in China.  It provides high quality, up-to-date data that is easily accessible and useful.

And that’s that!


Guo Mao Land Planning: No e-tower in this plan! And…what up, Baidu? — 2 Comments

  1. I’m betting that was intentional…don’t know if the E Tower can keep up with all the cool modern buildings that surround it. Let’s hope it was just a mistake, otherwise iCET may be looking for a new office very soon! Gonna miss that view of the underpants!

  2. At one point last year, I heard of real estate agents going through the whole building trying to buy up all the units. If it wasn’t the group that owns Guo Mao, then I don’t know who it would be! Anyway, nothing has come of it…yet…