iCET Launches its Green Car Sina Microblog

Sina Microblog, otherwise known as weibo, is the hottest thing in China.  What is Weibo?  It’s basically a copy of Twitter, but just like many Chinese products copied from the west, it is newer and improved.  Sina Weibo already has its own picture sharing service, is integrated with mobile phones and computers, and has all sorts of value added services.

iCET’s microblog, found at has been online for 2 days, and is making a big splash.  Focused on spreading information about the environmental impact of different models of vehicles in China, it has attracted the attention of fans and foes of vehicles alike.

If you’re a Sina weibo user, come on over and add the @环境友好汽车 microblog to your 关注 list.  If you’re not a Sina weibo user, sign up at!  And if you are not in China — ho ho, Sina Weibo is coming at you, if you’re not already happy with Twitter, I guess.

And if you want to know more about the Environmentally Friendly Vehicle program, shoot on over to

Environmentally Friendly Vehicle Weibo Screenshot

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