Calgary Shindig in Beijing – Mayor Nenshi on the Scene

Last week, Calgary Mayor Nenshi was in Beijing to drum up support for Calgarian companies in China.   Given all the controversy about the Airport Tunnel, the Mayor had to show up in Beijing late…but just in time for his visit with Beijing Mayor, Guo Jinlong.

or... Naheed Nenshi met with Mayor of Beijing from China

Calgary Mayor Nenshi and Beijing Mayor Guo Dodge Flower Arrangement to Discuss Challenges of Population Increase Source: May 26, 2011.

Mayor Nenshi mentioned that Beijing has over 600,000 immigrants per year, is building out more than 300 km of subway, and perhaps saw Calgary’s problems in perspective.  He did mention that no matter what, cities all face the same problems of economic development, waste disposal and infrastructure, and these are things every mayor has to discuss.

I might remind Mayor Nenshi that Beijing’s population is also about 21 times greater than that of Calgary, so 300 km of subway in Beijing compared to 18 km is also about about right!

Anyway, Mayor Nenshi, 加油! It’s not easy pushing one city in this great big country — but Calgary does have a lot to offer to China.  And not just oil!  But history, green technology, natural beauty and appreciation for the natural environment.

Mayor Nenshi also made another important visit, to the China World Trader’s Hotel for the Calgary reception in Beijing.  And who was there,  but me?

or...the Mayor and Rob

Mayor Nenshi Out with his Cowtown Laoxiang in Beijing, Rob - May 26, 2011

A good time was had by all, some great Calgarian companies – including some Green ones – got their name out in China.  I hope they get what they were looking for!

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