L1nked In Bl0cked in Ch1na – watch what you write

Well, yesterday it appeared that L1inked in has been bl0cked in Ch1na.  It’s a real pity.  China is sealing itself away from the world again.  On these Chinese s0cial networks, Chinese people don’t interact with non-Chinese, and non-Chinese don’t interact with Chinese.

How can good ideas travel in either direction?  It seems ridiculous now.  There are some massive s0c1al and p0l1it1cal pr0blems that need to be solved, or the whole world is going to miss out on good ideas, for the sake of p0l1t1cal tens10ns that are building here.

There isn’t even a reliable international platform for posting a job description now.

What a shame.

[It seems that linkedin is back — what was that all about?   –March 16, 2011]

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