Very Familiar Chinese Car Brand Logos

My colleague recently pointed out some creative Chinese car brands to me on a Chinese website.  Since the site is in Chinese, I’ll describe some of the similarities here:

So here, we can see a comparison between the Bentley logo, and the Riich (A vehicle by Chery) logo.  Can you tell which one is the Bentley?

This one looks slightly more different.  Acura, on the bottom, compared to Rely (Really?!) – wait, another car from Chery….

And Finally:

The well known Karry Brand — Delete “Ford”, insert “Karry”  — gosh, that typeface isn’t copyrighted, is it?  Can you guess who the parent company of Karry is?



Very Familiar Chinese Car Brand Logos — 1 Comment

  1. It’s not acura it’s infinty logo 🙂
    i do not like chinese cars, i will never buy them, nor take those brands seriously!
    They are not original, they steel everything, they are like thiefs! Europe and US should not let these cars import!