Discovery: Richard Gilbert

Reading the Globe and Mail a few days ago, I stumbled upon the article, “Batteries v. gas – so far it’s no contest” by Richard Gilbert, and thought that the article presented a pretty simple and pointed review of the batteries vs. gasoline situation for personal vehicles at this time. i.e. batteries are expensive, and they don’t last long.

I started looking, and found Gilbert’s website.  Turns out the guy is a long term thinker on efficient and low-carbon transportation.  What a great resource – with 105 pdfs including publications since 2003 on transportation, urban planning and governance.

From his biography:

He has authored, co-authored or edited 14 books and several hundred scholarly and popular articles, book chapters, and major reports for clients. The most recent book, written with An-thony Perl, is Transport Revolutions: Moving People and Freight Without Oil, published by Earthscan (London, UK) early in 2008. An updated, paperback edition is to be published by New Society Publishers (Gabriola Island, BC) early in 2010. The book explores how societies with great dependence on the motorized movement of people and goods could survive into an era of severe energy constraints.

I can hardly wait to read his stuff!

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