The Sinocanadian is going to Copenhagen!

We’re not yet exactly sure when we’ll be on site, but what we’ll be covering with keen interest is any talk or progress on biofuels, low carbon fuel standards and carbon registries.  We’ll also be observing with great interest any talks on the fate of Arctic peoples.

Four streams:

  1. Biofuels
    1. Forest-based products
    2. grassland conversion and land use change
    3. second generation biofuels and policy implications
  2. low carbon fuel standards
    1. how to incorporate the ecological risks of low carbon fuel standards into effective climate change mitigation policy?  Is this problem solvable?
  3. Registries
    1. What are the practical issues for registries in developing countries?  How do you deal with incomplete data, and what level of precision is needed?
    2. Why should organizations in developing countries join registries?  What’s the benefit and what are the drawbacks?
  4. Arctic peoples
    1. What role do arctic peoples have in defining their own vutures?  How will their cultures help them to adapt?  What innovative strategies or tactics are emerging in these places tha could be mimicked in the south?
    2. What are the major changes going on in the arctic?  What can science tell us, and what is traditional knowledge telling us?  Does the difference matter?
    We’ll start posting introductions to these topics over the next few days leading up to the conference, and post regularly as they are discussed throughout the event, Dec 7-19.

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