Blogspot blocked in China

Well, now I don’t feel nearly so lonely out here in blogland — it seems that any website on has been blocked in China.

This blockage is causing huge problems for bloggers inside China – particularly some of the best blogs on the environment such as , which is blogspot based. Not only is it difficult to post, but it is virtually impossible to have any Chinese audience.

I wonder if China is just trying to keep things quiet before the anniversary later this year, or if it is a longer-term strategy to maintain that there is “free speech” in China, but keep bloggers frustrated by opening and closing access to various blogging platforms. I note that blogs are still easily accessible in China, while blogs are blocked.

It might even be a strategy to get foreigners to post on Chinese blog sites, where they might be easier controlled.

Nobody said that China was going to follow any other country’s rules. History is being written now, and we’ve all got to adapt. For me, I’m looking into a web service company that can provide consistent service inside and outside China — maybe that service provider will be in China? Well, good for Chinese economic development, right?


Blogspot blocked in China — 1 Comment

  1. Over a month and the block continues. All that work I put into my history sites for nought. My God, has this regime no shame? I thought as a Security Council member it was supposed to sign some Declaration on Human Rights or other that mentions something about freedom of information.
    Meanwhile Google is meekly apologising for providing the same access to porn encountered by helpless Chinese as baidu…
    I never thought I would look forward to a summer spent in Winnipeg…