Time to update the blog

This blog has been blocked in China, to my great frustration, for quite a long time, so I have decided to remove the Chinese language posts.  I hope this will remedy the situation and get my blog online here.

This frustration has prevented me from posting easily, and I think posting is much more important than a few Chinese language posts!

Over the coming weeks, I also hope to update the appearance and usability of the blog to give it some more character.  It is, after all, a unique idea.  I want to make it really unique!


Time to update the blog — 3 Comments

  1. Not all blogspot.com blogs are blocked in most of China from my experiences there. So it might have been something you said. But I found it difficult to determine what the criteria was.

  2. Hehe I’ve just been reporting it as I see it. Basically, the whole domain of blogspot.com has been blocked in China…so any subdomains would also be blocked at this time. For example, your blog cannot be accessed inside China. But I could go see it because I use a VPN…