Canada-China Energy and Environment Forum – begins tomorrow

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the China-Canada Energy and Environment Forum, which will be held at the Kerry Center in Beijing.

The Agenda, organized primarily, I gather, by the University of Alberta China Institute, covers the afternoon of Nov. 3 and the morning of Nov. 4, with panel topics including:

  1. Overview of bilateral relations, energy and environment
  2. Energy sector development in the past year
  3. Energy efficiency, other energy sources and environment
  4. Investment, trade and regulations for better energy and environmental cooperation
  5. Local advantages for bilateral cooperation

Some of the people I’m particularly looking forward to hearing from include Han Wenke, D-G of the ERI and  Che Changbo, Dep. D-G of OIl and Gas Strategy Research Centre, Ministry of Land Resources, oh and Gao Zhikai, Director Nat’l Associaion of Int’l Studies / past VP CNOOC.

It will be interesting to see how this forum turns out, given the huge turnout at the China-Denmark Climate Change Forum 2 weeks ago that had a turnout of nearly 1000, including CEOs of Denmark’s biggest companies.

I look forward to finding out exactly who pays attention to this bilateral relationship in China, and hearing what they say about it.


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