Canada’s election – no real debate needed

Canada is diving into an election, our celebration of western democracy.  The problem is that democracy itself is under fierce attack, from established parties who want to keep dusting off their old ideas (and stay in power that way), and the media industry who is very interested in keeping any sorts of unfamiliar parties away from the table (for fear of what they might say – cutting into profits).

That’s right, the Green Party, with 1 MP in Parliament, is being denied a voice in Canada’s televised debate.  And why, exactly?  Well, if you listen to the TV ‘consortium,’  it’s because some other parties refused to participate if the Green Party was allowed on stage.  i.e. the CONservatives, the LIEberal$ and the New DemoCRAZIES (I’m just trying to be fair).  And I’d imagine the media wasn’t too resistant to the idea…after all, media just had to say “I don’t care…do you want free TV time or not?” and the debate would have gone on.

It is getting harder and harder to think that Canadian democracy is better than the system that they have here in China.   In China, everybody knows that you don’t have a say, so you just go about your daily business and hope that somebody (one of those 1.3 billion other people) has a good idea (and they likely do).  Whereas in Canada, we tell everybody that they have a chance to make a difference, but then we make it as difficult as possible for them to heard, especially if they have a chance of changing the status quo.

It’s slightly embarassing going on about the wonders of western democracy, and the freedom of speech we have in Canada when in fact, it’s just a farce. If you don’t say what the establishment finds acceptable, then you won’t be heard anyway.

Good luck to the Green Party.  I think they’re not the right party to lead us into the very uncertain times that our country is about to enter, but then again…none of the other parties are, either.

So, good luck to Canada too.  My ballot is in the mail.



Canada’s election – no real debate needed — 1 Comment

  1. I’d reconsider my disgust for the GP if they finally got rid of May, the worst possible individual to lead any party (or anything else for that matter) — she is completely incompetent.

    Jim Harris was a good leader with the right ideas. May is merely a radical left-wing extremist who calls all her opponents “Nazis” and never apologizes for it.

    Oh, and she also called all Canadians “stupid” (that bloody American!).