It’s no wonder the Chinese aren’t interested…

Cooperation in the oil sands is grinding to a halt, and it is going to have a big effect on the ability of government to get work done in the region.   In the past few days, the Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) has lost the cooperation of environmental groups.  This means that there is only industry and government left on the ship, and everyone knows they would just as soon just get on with digging up the oil.

The First Nations have also pulled out of CEMA, in fact stating that they may go to court over any new approvals that may come to pass.

“Our message is plain and clear…We have to slow down industry to let us catch up . . . if we continue to let industry and government behave the way they’ve been behaving the last 40 years, there will be no turn back because it will be the total destruction of the land.”

Adam said if the Chipewyan, Cree and Metis people of Fort Chipewyan don’t act now, the entire community will have to be moved in 50 years because there won’t be anything left to sustain them.

“We’ll be refugees in our own land,” he said.

These shocking and lucid words are a clear threat to anybody interested in investing in the Albertan tar sands.  I hope that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates also heard this message loud and clear on their recent trip.


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