Torch relay got the Olympic feelings going!

Well, i was on my way to work yesterday morning, when I came up to a big mob of people and police on the road.  My way was blocked, so I didn’t have much to do other than find out what was going on.  And there it was, these teeming tens of thousands of people including police and journalists and young not-yet-working Chinese folks were out to see the Olympic torch pass just near my apartment.  So, what’s a guy to do but watch?   Here’s my take on it:


So I was wrong, it wasn’t the beginning of the torch relay in Beijing, but it seemed pretty early in the morning at the time, and wasn’t I excited. 

Just before the torch arrived, in rolled the corporate sponsors. Everyone seemed a little confused with this particularly North American (I think) parade-style presentation:

Anyway, just to show you how excited I was, I took a shaky video of the torch lighting.  Yay!  Zhongguo jia you!  Beijing jia you! Au yun jia you!  (Go China!  Go Beijing!  Go Olympics!)

Well, now I think I feel a little bit of the Olympic fever…based on the sneak peak courtesty of the Korean media, the opening ceremonies are going to be fantastic. Let the games begin!


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