Beijing Olympic air quality – hoping for the best!

Well, this morning was not exactly the poster child for beautiful weather in Beijing.  Hot, humid, and according to the Ministry of Environment – kinda polluted.  Enviro-blogger Vance has been running a blog on Beijing air quality running up to the Olympics, and he noted that today barely made the “Blue Sky” standard that Beijing has set for itself.  I encourage you to read his lively blog to learn all about it.

I, in the meantime, was clumsy enough to have taken a picture out my office window this morning.  Yipes.  Blue Skies?

Beijing's "Blue Sky" (API=95) day - T minus 1 day to Olympics

Beijing's "Blue Sky" (API=95) day - T minus 1 day to Olympics

*I do note that my camera is not very good.  But still, it’s kinda like this.  Just imagine an API = 200 day…cough


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