Basic Idea

The reason I’ve decided to start this blog is that over the past few years in Beijing, I’ve had a good chance to understand some of the major international influences here. I’ve felt a powerful American presence, as well as a consistent British and German presence. Japan, South Korea and Russia also have a nicely visible presence in China that expats here are a big part of.

Yet I am continually surprised by the seeming lack of Canadian presence here. Maybe it’s that I’m looking in the wrong places. I did meet a few Canadians during my time studying at the Beijing International Studies University (北京第二外国语学院). And from time to time, I bump into Canadians at conferences, perhaps hoping to peddle CSR services or some Green technology.

I know there are Canadian businesses here. And I know the Canadian embassy is here. I know they must be doing something, so this blog is a chance for me to find out exactly what it is. I plan to use the environment and energy – particularly green energy as a path to follow to find out what Canadians are doing here, so I hope that most of what I write will be related to that, even if I digress from time to time.

Anyway, I look forward to investigating more about my country in China and learning about their energy and environment policy relationships. I look forward to using this information to benefit both sides if I have such an opportunity. And I look forward to talking with new people who might happen upon my blog to figure out exactly what all this means.


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