Humble Beginnings

Well, to start out, this blog is going to be more for me than it is for you. It’s my first blog, and I’m just figuring out how to use WordPress; I’m practicing my Chinese (I might get professional translators in here eventually); Furthermore, after four years of living in China, I’m finally starting to figure out what I really think of the place. Maybe I’m slow, or maybe I just don’t fall for first impressions.

Anyway, this blog is going to be about the country where I’m from, and the country where I am now. Canada, the great white north – source of open space, vast resources and sink for consumables – and China, the middle Kingdom, one of the very seats of civilization rising again from a hundred year glitch in its rather amazing history.

Over the next few postings, I’ll establish the major topics I’d like to cover and investigate here – but mostly they’ll be about energy, the environment and culture – and how these two very different countries can help each other get out of the holes that they, in part, have helped each other dig.

[The Chinese language part of the post has been removed in order to try and get this blog unblocked in China!  Sorry…]

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